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Don’t Do These 10 Things At The Oktoberfest


The Oktoberfest is a great celebration and attending can be one of the most fun times of your life. Despite this, there are still some things that you should absolutely not do to ensure the best possible time. Here are ten things to avoid doing while attending Wiesn.


  1.       Arrive at the beer tents late.

Do not expect to just stroll in and find a place to sit in the afternoon if you do not have a reservation. Arrive early and find a place for your group before lunch if possible. At the same time, do not be afraid to cozy up to new people and make new friends in the process. Most tents are going to be crowded throughout the day so not being afraid to make new friends will help you find a place to sit and make your experience more enjoyable.

  1.       Try to bribe the guards.

If you do end up being late to the tents and are stuck waiting in line, do not try to bribe the guards out front to let you in. These are not club bouncers and they will inevitably reject your bribery attempt, leaving you to walk back to the end of the line to wait your turn like everyone else. If the line is too long for you, try to find a different tent or come back another time, but do not embarrass yourself by attempting bribery.

  1.       Dance or stand on the tables in the beer tents

Although you have probably seen videos of people standing on tables and chugging the rest of their maß of beer inside the tent while others cheer them on, do not try this for yourself. Most tents frown upon this behavior and trying to get up on top of the table within one of these tents could land you kicked out and missing out on the fun. Be safe and do not let your soles touch the table top to avoid unnecessary problems.

  1.       Avoid going to the restroom until the last minute.

The lines for the restrooms are going to be long. Plan ahead and go early rather than hold it in until you just cannot bear to hold it anymore. If you do, you may find yourself waiting in line and going on yourself. Nothing ruins your fun more than needing a fresh change of clothes because you decided you could wait another thirty minutes before relieving yourself.

  1.       Drink too much too fast.

Yes, the Oktoberfest is known for partying and drinking. No, this does not mean you have to outdo everyone else you are with and drink yourself under the table before it even gets dark outside. Drink at your pace and do not overdo it or else you will be passed out somewhere missing out on the rest of the festival.

  1.       Forget to show gratitude to your server.

Servers in the tents are working extremely hard and a little gratitude can go a long way to helping you get the best service you can get. Without all their efforts, your great time would come to a crashing halt. A simple “danke” or “thank you” along with a small tip for every round will help keep your service great and your server feeling appreciated for their hard work.

  1.       Drink without eating.

This goes without saying but indulging in drinking without eating is a big no-no and could lead to your Oktoberfest ending very poorly. With the increased alcohol content of Oktoberfests beer, it is even more important that you make sure you are keeping yourself fed. With the plethora of delicious German food to try, this should not be too hard of a rule to follow. Just remember to set the beer down for a bit and grab a bite to eat and you’ll be fine.

  1.       Forget to check out the other offerings of the Oktoberfest

While many people go to Wiesn for the drinking, it is much more than beer tents. Make sure to give yourself time to go out and check the other offerings at the fest, such as rides, games, and souvenir shops. The fest is a lot more fun if you see more than just the bottom of your glass the whole time.

  1.       Lie or rest on the field.

The fields around the Theresienwiese may seem inviting and lush to you, especially after a few drinks, but restrain yourself. There are thousands of people at the Oktoberfest, and some of them had too much to drink before wandering over to these same fields. That means that by resting in the field, you could find yourself lying in any number of foul substances, from urine to throw up.

  1.   Wear inauthentic tracht.

While many people will don tracht to go to Oktoberfest and it is extremely encouraged to do so, make sure you are not caught wearing inauthentic or fake Lederhosen. You will look bad and stick out like a sore thumb. Ensure you are wearing real Lederhosen. That means they are made of real leather and are in natural shades of brown. A great place to find yourself an authentic pair to wear to the Oktoberfest is Bavaria Trachten who make traditional style Lederhosen at an affordable price. You will look and feel great wearing these while partying at Wiesn.