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Family Time at the Oktoberfest: 5 Great Things to Do with Children at Wiesn

Many people see the Oktoberfest as only a drinking affair. Due to this, it has gained a bad reputation as a family affair and many parents fear that there will be nothing for them to do with their children at the fest. This is not true, and there are many great things for a family to do in order to have a great day out.

  1.       Watch the Parade (First Sunday of the Fest)

If you go to the Oktoberfest early on the first Sunday, you will be treated to a great parade. Thousands of costumed individuals take to the streets of Munich, including several bands, costume groups, hunting clubs, and flag wavers. This parade has occurred at the Oktoberfest every year since 1950, so you will be immersing yourself in storied Bavarian tradition while also giving the whole family a spectacle to enjoy.

  1.       Go on Rides and Play Games

There are dozens of rides and games for children and adults alike to have a great time. From bumper cars and slides to rollercoasters and giant ferris wheels, there is sure to be a ride that anyone can enjoy. Alongside all of these rides are other attractions such as mystery houses and traditional carnival games. One could spend all day just going from one ride to an attraction to another ride endlessly, so be sure to keep hold of the kids, because once you get them going they just may not want to stop having a good time.

  1.       Check out the Old Wiesn

The Old Wiesn, first created in 2010 to mark the two-hundred-year anniversary of the Oktoberfest, is a great self-contained fest within the larger Oktoberfest. It was created to remind festival goers of the Oktoberfest’s history and features horse-races and other cultural events reminiscent of 1810’s original Oktoberfest. Although it does have a small cover-charge, it is tamer than the normal fest and rides only cost one Euro each, creating the perfect atmosphere for children, especially those that are very young, to experience the fest at their pace and leisure. Every four years, they have to shut down the Oide Wiesn to make way for the Bavarian Country Festival, which takes place in the same space of the festival grounds, so make sure it is going on this year before you go out.

  1.       Taste Some of the Plethora of Food

Another great excursion for the whole family is a culinary one. There are dozens of street vendors throughout the fest serving everything from Oxenbroetchen to Giant Bratwurst. You can also find stores selling candy, ice cream, and other sweets. Beyond that, if you time it right and go early, you should be able to get in a tent or two for a sit-down meal. Whether you choose to go from cart to cart trying all their different dishes or get into a tent and get a big meal for the family, you are sure to fill your stomach with amazing food.

  1.       Dress to Impress

A great way to not only enjoy the festival, but to feel like a part of the action yourself is to dress the whole family up in traditional Bavarian clothing. Slipping on a Dirndl or a nice pair of Lederhosen can make you feel like you are part of the festival, rather than just a visitor to it, and help the whole experience be that much more rewarding for the whole family. Many people jump at the chance to put on their traditional clothing and have a great time at the Oktoberfest so don’t be afraid to do the same. You will not stick out, in fact, you will probably fit in even better if you are dressed up. Just the fact that you are dressed the way that festival goers have dressed for over a hundred years adds to the mystique and wonder of the Oktoberfest, and it is sure to put a smile on the whole family’s face. If you are looking for a place to grab a great pair of Lederhosen that will last you for years at an affordable price, look no further than Bavaria Trachten. Whoever decides to rock these Lederhosen is going to look amazing while having the time of their life at Wiesn.