Oktoberfest Mistakes 2024 : Avoid these 10 Oktoberfest Blunders

However, it is essential to avoid these major Oktoberfest blunders when you attend the celebration this year. The Bavarian festival is a massive party that may feel like a free for all. Still, there are some essential rules to keep in mind while you revel. Make your trip to Wies’n infinitely better by not doing these ten Oktoberfest blunders.


Oktoberfest attendant


1. Arrive at the Oktoberfest beer tents late

It may sound simple, but it is of utmost importance for you not to arrive at beer tents late. Do not expect to stroll up and find a place to sit at a beer tent late into the day. Set yourself up before noon and enjoy lunch while you are at it. Your search for a place to celebrate will be less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Along these lines, remember that Oktoberfest beer tents will be crowded all day long until close. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make new friends while celebrating.


Oktoberfest beer tents


2. Try to bribe the guards is one of the worst Oktoberfest mistakes

If you don’t follow the last rule and find yourself late, you should never try to bribe the guards. The guards of tents are not like club bouncers and will inevitably reject your advances. This massive party blunder will leave you embarrassed and at the back of the line. Even if you are stuck with a long wait, accept it or try to move on to another tent. There are plenty of options, and maybe you’ll find one with less of a wait.

Drink too much, too fast

One of the biggest Oktoberfest mistakes first-timers make is drinking too much, too fast. Yes, the fest is known worldwide for partying and drinking. No, that does not mean you need to outdo everyone around you. Beer that gets served at the Oktoberfest is a unique brew that is stronger than regular beer. This means you will feel the effects harder and quicker than when you usually go out drinking. So pull back a bit, enjoy your time in the beer tents, and laugh at others that didn’t get this advice.


Funny Oktoberfest Mistakes


3. Drink without eating


This is a standard drinking rule, but remember not to drink without eating. Just like drinking too much, it will set you up for a premature end to the party. With the increased alcohol content of Oktoberfest beer, staying well-fed is even more critical. There’s a plethora of delicious German food to try at Wies’n, so be sure to keep your stomach full. With pretzels, roasted chicken, a variety of sausages, and other options, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy.


Funny Oktoberfest Lion


4. Forget to show gratitude to your server

Forgetting to show gratitude to your server is one of the worst Oktoberfest errors you can make. These servers work extremely hard to keep the festivities going for thousands of people daily. Their work is tiresome and long, so showing a bit of appreciation goes a long way. A simple “danke” or “thank you” accompanied by a small tip at every round can help your server feel appreciated. For the rest of your time at the beer tent, they’ll be more likely to ensure your beer orders are filled. Just a little time and appreciation on your end will make your experiences that much better.


Oktoberfest Mistakes


Do not do these biggest Oktoberfest Mistakes 2022 in Oktoberfest beer tents

5. Dance or stand on tables


Despite what you may have seen online, you should never dance or stand on tables in an Oktoberfest beer tent. It is dangerous to attempt, especially in a crowded area full of alcohol and drunk partiers. The employees may ask you to leave even if you don’t fall and hurt yourself or others. So leave that craziness for others and enjoy your beer with your feet planted firmly and safely on the ground.


Oktoberfest Tables


6. Waiting to go to the bathroom is the worst Oktoberfest Mistake

The Oktoberfest is very crowded, so do not wait to go to the bathroom. The last thing you need while trying to celebrate Oktoberfest in 2022 is soiling your pants. That will ruin the festival for yourself and everyone that came with you. So leave yourself some extra time to find a bathroom and wait in the inevitable line.


7. Stay in the tent all-day

While much of this list has been rules for Oktoberfest beer tents, you should remember not to stay in them all day. There’s plenty more to see around the ground, including rides, games, and souvenir shops. The festival will be much more fun when you see something besides the bottom of an empty beer glass.


Oktoberfest Venue


8. Rest on the field

Although they may seem inviting after a few rounds, do not rest on the fields around the Wiesn. Thousands of other people at the celebration have also been drinking and wandering onto those fields. Unfortunately, many did not get or follow the advice and left foul substances in that field, including urine and vomit. Be safe and avoid the possibility of finding yourself covered in it.


9. Wear inauthentic tracht

Possibly the greatest mistake you can make at the Oktoberfest is wearing an inauthentic tracht. Authentic Lederhosen will have you fit in and partying like a champ. Fake gear will make you stick out like a sore thumb and get you plenty of unsavory attention. Faux Lederhosen is anything that is not made of genuine leather or is not in a natural shade of brown.


Oktoberfest authentic tracht


Before making that mistake, consider checking out  Bavaria Trachten, where you can find excellent and authentic Lederhosen at affordable prices. You’ll look and feel great while partying at the Oktoberfest in 2024.

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