Bavaria Trachten® - About Us

A little bit about us at Bavaria Trachten is that we love German traditions and culture. Our goal is to spread the unique aesthetic and share that love with you! With family roots in the German textile and leather industry going back to the early 1800s, making traditional clothing - quite literally - runs in our blood. The lederhosen we make today trace back to the Old World and the working class in Germany. They are the centerpiece of your authentic German outfit - completed by original “Trachten” shoes, socks, shirts, and hats.

Bavaria Trachten is a family business based in Miami, FL. We design clothes as our grandparents wore them, using the finest leather, cotton, and wool. And yes, it is true what they say about us, we are the best at it. Our outfits bring together a community of German culture enthusiasts, their families, and their friends. We help you wear the most authentic outfit during this year's Oktoberfest - be that in Cincinnati, Tampa, Breckenridge or Munich! We will see you there!

OUR Mission

At Bavaria Trachten, we aim to provide you with high-quality, authentic Bavarian outfits at an affordable cost. To do this, we tap into our German heritage and the methods and materials of our forefathers to provide great feeling, attractive, and sturdy trachten. This allows you to buy authentic outfits you can be proud to wear at Bavarian celebrations for a price that won’t break the bank. You are not just getting an outfit by purchasing a pair of lederhosen. You are also connecting with hundreds of years of Bavarian culture. We hope to expand the traditions of Germany to those that may have long-lost German heritage or are looking to explore the culture more deeply and profoundly. So be sure to check out our offerings today and be prepared to steal the show wherever your next Oktoberfest celebration is!