How to Dress for Oktoberfest

How to dress for Oktoberfest is a very common question amongst festival-goers. Lederhosen are a staple in Oktoberfest parties in Munich or one of the hundreds of festivals worldwide. It is extremely common to see them worn at celebrations. However, figuring out which lederhosen to buy can be intimidating, with so many different options. A simple search on the web will come up with hundreds of different types of lederhosen to try. When it comes to buying a pair of these legendary pants, there are some factors that you need to consider strongly. We suggest considering the lederhosen's material, length, color, and price.

Leather Lederhosen

There is probably nothing more important about lederhosen than its material. Lederhosen means "leather pants," so any Lederhosen you consider should be made from leather. Under no circumstances should someone consider non-leather lederhosen. If the pants you are looking at are not leather, they are not lederhosen. There are several types of leather in the lederhosen. The most expensive is buckskin, made from deer hide, a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Other, more affordable, durable options include goatskin and cowhide leather pants. Oktoberfest attire should last for years and look like it is the first time you put them on.

Traditionally, lederhosen are sold in natural colors, ranging between light brown and black. Sometimes grey may also be seen, but that has fallen out of favor over recent years. Any other color is not traditional and defies the essence of the lederhosen. You are spending for quality leather lederhosen, so a more natural shade is favorable over artificial colorings. Darker colors, from dark brown to black, might hide stains, but lighter colors get a patina look over time. This patina look adds a personal element and a story to the lederhosen that makes them uniquely yours.

Lederhosen Length

After deciding the type of leather you are searching for, consider what length is the best for you. Many lengths of lederhosen can be found, from extremely short down to full-length trousers. In addition, there are many alternate lengths seen on the internet. However, you won't see many different lengths at the festival.

Lederhosen are traditionally only seen in two lengths. The shorter length should sit right above the wearer's knee. Although they are not great for year-round wear in places where temperatures can drop. The second commonly seen length, named Kniebund, goes slightly past and sits below your knee. for hot weather, people prefer short lederhosen. Kniebund offers a more versatile length, protecting in cold weather, but people still wear them other times of the year.


A few more details in your potential next pair of lederhosen can make big differences in their look and fit. One important detail is the back pocket, which should be a singular pocket on the right side. In addition, lederhosen should either come with their pair of suspenders or have buttons available to add a pair later. Little details like these elevate your look and make you a hit at any party or fest.

When it comes to price, there is a wide range that one can pay for their Oktoberfest costume ideas. A custom pair of handmade lederhosen can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. Bavaria Trachten has made a great pair of lederhosen that ticks all major boxes. Made from cowhide leather, in a beautiful natural brown color, are Kniebund length, and comes with matching suspenders. Even more impressive is that you can get this great lederhosen for less than $100. You already know how to dress for Oktoberfest, so what are you waiting for?

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