How to Wear Lederhosen

A great-fitting pair of Lederhosen can make you stand out and look amazing when going to traditional German parties. However, not everyone knows how to wear lederhosen. After getting a lederhosen how to wear it, is the next question.


If you wear Lederhosen or accessorize it incorrectly, the outfit can fall flat and look horrible. Additionally, keep in mind there are many ways of caring for lederhosen. Learn how to look great the next time you decide to slip on your pair of Lederhosen.


Lederhosen Oktoberfest


How to Pick Lederhosen

Knowing how to wear lederhosen helps you choose one that fits your body correctly. This is the first step in having a great traditional Bavarian outfit to wear. When buying Lederhosen, you must keep in mind what style you want. The two most common and widely recognizable lengths are the Kneebund, which sits just below one’s knee when standing, and

the shorter length which ends just above the knee.


While knee bound offers slightly more protection in colder weather, the choice of length is mostly down to personal preference. However, whichever length you do decide to go with, do not forget that they should end just above or just below the knee, too long or too short means that the lederhosen do not fit and you need to try a different size.





What Do You Wear With Lederhosen 

A lot of people want to know how to properly wear lederhosen. Correctly accessorizing is just as important. After you have decided on your pair of Lederhosen, it is time to accessorize them. A pair of lederhosen accessorized correctly can make you the star of the show. But if it is done incorrectly, it can quickly turn into a disastrous affair. 


The main accessories to worry about for Lederhosen are the shirt, shoes, and socks. Although some people also pair a Tyrolean Hat with their outfit, this is a flashy piece that is not common. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid adding this piece until you have the Lederhosen styling down.


Lederhosen accessories


What Kind of Shirt Do You Wear With Lederhosen

When questioning what kind of shirt do you wear with lederhosen, a checkered or a white long sleeve button-up is the way to go. They traditionally have a button along the upper arm of the sleeve for rolling and pinning the sleeves up. You can find the checkered shirt in many colors, but the most widely seen colors are red, blue, and green.


While you can pair almost any color that you can find with this outfit, consider your partner. If you plan to attend with a partner, match your shirt color to their dirndl for a stunning couple’s look.


What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear With Lederhosen


Another important choice to make is what kind of shoes do you wear with lederhosen. Avoid wearing sneakers if at all possible and opt instead for a pair of Haferlschuhe, traditional German shoes. This traditional footwear is great for bringing cohesion to the whole outfit but do your best to match the leather color to that of your lederhosen.

While brown Haferlschuhe with matching brown Lederhosen looks sharp, trying to go crazy with alternating colors can leave you looking like a disheveled and unplanned mess.

As for socks, there are two main styles that you can choose to accessorize your nearly complete outfit. You can opt for the longer Haferl socks or the short Loferl sock paired with calf warmers. You can keep them up in cold weather or scrunch them down towards your ankle to let your leg breathe. For Loferl socks, you can find calf warmers with minimalist color and design, or go bolder with patterns or designs. A common design found on calf warmers is a checkered pattern.


Lederhosen Shoes


After learning how to style Lederhosen and accessories, the best place to start is getting yourself a pair of Lederhosen. In this regard, I recommend you take a look at Bavaria Trachten. We make a stunning pair of traditional Lederhosen - a great starting point to add on to. Add your own colored shirt, choose your sock style, and grab yourself a pair of Haferlschuhe! You will be ready for your next Oktoberfest party or any other event of your choice.

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