Oktoberfest Desserts


Prost to pastries: The must-try desserts at Munich's Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, the time of year when lederhosen and dirndls become the height of fashion and "O'zapft is!" resounds through the beer tents of Munich. It's a festival where beer might be the star, but the desserts definitely deserve their own fan club. So grab your stein with one hand and a fork with the other, because we're diving into the sweet side of Oktoberfest!

Kaiserschmarrn: The emperor's delight

Starting with Kaiserschmarrn. It’s a shredded pancake, but not just any pancake – this one had a run-in with Austrian royalty and came out with a crown of powdered sugar and a court of fruit compotes or apple sauce. If King Ludwig II had a sweet tooth, this would have been his go-to snack while admiring Neuschwanstein Castle. Eating this is like getting knighted by flavor itself.

Apfelstrudel: A twist of tradition

Now, let's twist our way to the Apfelstrudel. This rolled pastry is so beloved that it could run for mayor of Munich and win by a landslide. Sliced apples, raisins, and cinnamon are nestled in delicate layers of dough as thin as a Bavarian mist. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream, and you will have the perfect mix. The Apfelstrudel is not a mere dessert; it's a twirling dance of flavors that pirouettes right into your heart.

Bayrische Creme: Bavaria in a bowl

The “Bayrische Creme”, or Bavarian Cream, is what happens when milk and eggs are creatively mixed together. This velvety custard whispers sweet words in German, of course, and it's adorned with a fruit coulis or a dark chocolate drizzle that adds a zing. Eating it is light and dreamy. If clouds were edible, they'd taste like “Bayrische Creme”, and they would probably speak with a charming Bavarian accent too.

Lebkuchenherz: The sweetheart of the fest

The Lebkuchenherz, or gingerbread hearts, are the quintessential sugary souvenirs of Oktoberfest. These frosted treats are worn around the neck like edible medallions of affection. Each one is a portable love letter, though much tastier and less awkward to consume in public than an actual love letter. And let’s face it, nothing says “I love you” quite like giving someone the ability to chomp on a heart that dangles from their neck.

Gebrannte Mandeln: The almonds that went to candy college

Lastly, Gebrannte Mandeln, the candied almonds, are the snack you promise yourself you’ll only eat a few of, but before you know it, you’re dusting caramel remnants off your shirt and wondering where it all went. These toasted almonds don a caramelized coat that’s the perfect combination of nutty and sweet. They’re the crowd-pleaser that whispers temptation into the ears of every passerby, leaving a trail of their sweet, nutty aroma in the air. A bag of these is like holding Oktoberfest in the palm of your hand.

Experience it yourself!
And there you have it, a tour of Oktoberfest's dessert wonders that'll have you loosening your dirndl or hitching up your lederhosen in anticipation. But wait, there's more! Imagine actually strolling through the festival, a fresh pretzel in one hand and a Kaiserschmarrn fork in the other, as you navigate the jubilant crowds.

Now, let's put those sweet thoughts into action. Can you hear the brass bands playing?

Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Enter your email for the "Win a Trip to Munich" giveaway. Picture yourself in the heart of the festivities, with a Lebkuchenherz around your neck, a spoon in your Dampfnudel, and candied almonds leaving a sweet trail in your pocket.


Sign up, and let's make those sweet, sweet dreams come true. Who knows, this Oktoberfest might just have your heart – both the gingerbread and the beating kind – saying "Ich bin ein Münchner!"


Where can I find Oktoberfest desserts?

You can find Oktoberfest's treats at German eateries and bakeries, especially during the festival season. Specialty stores and online recipes are also great sources for those who fancy baking at home. Don't forget local Oktoberfest celebrations which may serve up these sweet delicacies.

What are some tips for choosing Oktoberfest desserts?

When picking Oktoberfest desserts, think about what you'll drink with them — some desserts pair better with coffee or specific beers. Always opt for the freshest options for the best taste experience.

What are some popular Oktoberfest dessert pairings?

For a perfect Oktoberfest experience, try Apfelstrudel with Riesling or coffee. Dampfnudel matches well with a dark Dunkel beer. A light Weißbier complements the rich Kaiserschmarrn, and Gebrannte Mandeln go nicely with a spicy beer or a robust Bock. Feel free to mix and match to suit your taste!

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