Oktoberfest Mountain Creek


Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest is an annual festival that brings together the best of German culture and tradition in an event filled with fun, food, music, and activities for all ages. 

Nestled in the beautiful scenery of Mountain Creek, this Oktoberfest offers a unique experience that stays true to the roots of the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, while adding a touch of the local flair.

Making the most of Oktoberfest Mountain Creek

Oktoberfest Mountain Creek isn't just an event; it's a grand celebration that envelops you in a whirlwind of vibrant traditions, mouth-watering food, lively music, and an array of captivating activities. 

It's an adventure waiting to be explored, an opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich cultural tapestry that is both exciting and engaging. However, to truly savor the richness of this festival and create memories that last a lifetime, it's essential to know how to make the most of your visit. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you navigate Oktoberfest Mountain Creek to its fullest, from appreciating the authenticity of German traditions to indulging in the various games and contests.


From sky rides to lawn games

One of the unique features of the Mountain Creek Oktoberfest is the inclusion of sky rides in the admission fee. These rides offer festival-goers a spectacular bird's eye view of the festivities, the beautiful natural surroundings, and the stunning vistas beyond. It's an experience not to be missed and is sure to be a highlight of your day.

For those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, there are a plethora of lawn games to enjoy. These games add an extra layer of fun and camaraderie to the event, providing yet another opportunity for friends and families to come together in friendly competition.

Appreciating authentic German music

Music is the soul of Oktoberfest, and at Mountain Creek, you'll find no shortage of it. Live bands will keep the energy high and the atmosphere festive with a mix of traditional German tunes and contemporary hits. The rhythmic polka beats will inspire everyone to get on their feet and join in the dancing. Even if you've never danced to polka music before, you'll find it hard to resist the infectious rhythm and joy that fills the air.

A feast for the taste buds

The German culinary experience is integral to any Oktoberfest, and Mountain Creek offers a feast like no other. With an array of hearty German meals and festival favorites, there is something to satisfy every palate. The savory scent of grilled bratwurst and schweinshaxe fills the air, while booths offering hot dogs, burgers, and pulled pork ensure that no one will be left hungry.

For those with a sweet tooth, the festival offers a range of desserts, from traditional German pastries to festival classics. The enticing aroma of freshly baked pretzels, combined with the sweet allure of cotton candy and other delectable treats, ensures that dessert is an event not to be missed.

Beer - the spirit of Oktoberfest

True to Oktoberfest tradition, the festival offers a rich selection of German and local beers. With more than a dozen satellite stations and six beer trailers, festival-goers will be spoiled for choice. Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just looking to enjoy a casual drink, the variety and quality of beverages on offer are sure to impress.

Activities galore: experiencing Oktoberfest Mountain Creek

As soon as the word Oktoberfest is mentioned, images of smiling people dressed in the traditional Bavarian attire holding beer steins and folk music come to mind. But, Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest offers far more than mouth-watering German cuisine and refreshing beverages. This spirited event promises a multitude of fun-filled activities for all ages that make it a phenomenal extravaganza!

Stein and keg holding contests

Strength and endurance are put to the test in the iconic Stein and Keg Holding Contests. A long-standing Oktoberfest tradition, these contests invite participants to showcase their stamina by holding aloft a filled stein or keg for as long as possible. It's a battle of grit and determination that never fails to draw a crowd and provoke enthusiastic cheering.

Wife carry relay

The wife carry relay brings a dose of humor and excitement to the festival. In this quirky event, husbands must carry their wives through an obstacle course. It's not just about strength; agility and teamwork also come into play. As participants stumble, laugh, and compete, spectators will find themselves captivated by the fun and camaraderie.

Lumberjack contest

The lumberjack contest adds a rugged and rustic flair to the event. Participants compete in classic lumberjack activities, showcasing their skills in areas such as log splitting and sawing. It's a nod to the spirit of the outdoors and a thrilling spectacle for all ages.

Pie eating contest and hay bale toss

Festival-goers with a competitive spirit and a hearty appetite might find themselves drawn to the pie eating contest, where speed-eating skills are put to the test. And for those who prefer physical strength over speed eating, there's the hay bale toss. This classic country fair game sees competitors hurling bales of hay over a high bar – a surprisingly challenging feat that's sure to amuse the crowd.

Classic sumo ring

The classic sumo ring brings a touch of Japanese culture to Oktoberfest. Participants don padded sumo suits and attempt to push their opponent out of a marked circle. This activity is as fun to watch as it is to participate in, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

A plethora of activities for the little ones

Petting zoo

Younger visitors will love the petting zoo, where they can interact with a variety of friendly animals. It's a fun, educational experience that provides kids with a closer look at nature and helps them learn about different animals.

Bouncing castles

Energy abounds in the bouncing castle, where kids can jump, tumble, and play to their heart's content. These inflatable play areas offer a safe and fun environment that's sure to keep the little ones entertained.

Face painting

For a splash of color and creativity, the face painting station is the place to be. Here, skilled artists transform children's faces into vibrant works of art, from beautiful butterflies to ferocious tigers.

Pumpkin patch

As a nod to the season, the pumpkin patch offers children the chance to pick their very own pumpkin. Whether they choose a small, smooth pumpkin or a big, bumpy one, they're sure to treasure their find.

Admission and parking

The general admission fee of $20 includes sky rides, lawn games, musical entertainment, access to the activity ring, petting zoo, inflatables, face painting, and balloon animals. Kids aged six and under can join the fun for free.

For parking, you can choose between the general parking area for $10 or the closer, cobblestone area near the entrance for $30.

Experience the magic of Oktoberfest at Mountain Creek

In a nutshell, Oktoberfest Mountain Creek is more than just a festival - it's an experience. Whether you're drawn by the promise of delicious food and beer, the lively music, the range of activities, or the vibrant community spirit, you're bound to have an unforgettable time.

So don your lederhosen or dirndl, gather your friends and family, and head to Mountain Creek for a taste of Bavaria right here at home. We hope to see you there at the corner of fun and tradition, celebrating Oktoberfest in true German style!



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