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Oktoberfest in Tennessee is a time when people come together to celebrate the German culture and enjoy some delicious food and drinks. The state has several cities that host Oktoberfest celebrations, each with their unique events, activities, and attractions.


Nashville Oktoberfest

Nashville, Tennessee is home to one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in the state. The Nashville Oktoberfest has been held annually since 1980 and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The festival takes place over four days in October and features a wide variety of activities and events.

The German beer garden, where visitors may try a broad variety of beers from Germany and other countries, is one of the attractions of the Nashville Oktoberfest. Bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels are among the classic German foods served at the beer garden.

The event offers live music, arts and crafts stands, carnival rides, and a number of other activities. On the first day of the event, there is a parade that includes floats, marching bands, and other fun decorations.

Another popular attraction at the Nashville Oktoberfest is the dachshund derby, where dozens of dachshunds race down a track to see who is the fastest. There is also a costume contest for the dogs, with prizes awarded for the most creative and original costumes.

The Nashville Oktoberfest is free to attend, although there is a charge for some of the activities and events. The festival is family-friendly and attracts visitors of all ages. It is a great way to experience German culture and celebrate the fall season in Tennessee.

To make the most of the Oktoberfest in Nashville, arrive early to avoid the crowds and snag a prime viewing spot for the procession. Dress for all weather conditions and remember comfortable shoes! Parking can be a challenge, so consider taking public transit or carpooling if possible.

All things considered, the Nashville Oktoberfest is a must-attend occasion for anybody interested in German tradition, beer, and enjoyable fall celebrations. Everyone may enjoy the variety of activities and attractions available there.

Nashville Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


Crossville Oktoberfest

Crossville Oktoberfest is an annual event that takes place in Crossville, Tennessee, typically in the month of October. The festival celebrates the German culture and heritage with a variety of activities and events for people of all ages.

The festival features authentic German food and drink, including bratwursts, sauerkraut, pretzels, and beer. Visitors can also enjoy live music and entertainment, including polka dancing, yodeling, and traditional German folk music.

The Crossville Oktoberfest boasts a special charm – the beer garden. Here, one can indulge in authentic German beers and beverages while lounging to live music or exploring craft vendors. It's the perfect blend of culture, entertainment, and refreshment.

For children, there are carnival rides, games, and activities, including face painting and pumpkin decorating. There is also a petting zoo and pony rides for younger children.

The festival also includes a parade, which typically takes place on the Saturday of the festival. The parade features floats, marching bands, and other performers, and is a great way to experience the festive spirit of the Crossville Oktoberfest.

The Crossville Oktoberfest is a joyous, family-friendly celebration of German heritage in Tennessee. This upbeat event is perfect for lovers of German food and drink, live music, entertainment, and those wanting to spend a fun day with loved ones. It's a must-visit event that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Crossville Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


Schulz Brau Brewing Oktoberfest

Schulz Brau Brewing Oktoberfest is one of the most famous Oktoberfest celebrations in Tennessee. It is located in Knoxville, and it offers authentic German beer and food, live music, and other activities. The festival is held every year in September, and it usually lasts for three days. Schulz Brau is a German-inspired brewery that serves traditional German beers, including Pilsners, Hefeweizens, and Lagers.

The event is a perfect blend of Bavarian culture and Southern hospitality. It features traditional German games and activities such as stein-holding contests, keg-tapping ceremonies, and the ever-popular chicken dance. Visitors can enjoy delicious German cuisine such as bratwurst, schnitzel, sauerkraut, and pretzels. There are also various vendors selling traditional German crafts and souvenirs.

Schulz Brau Brewing Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


Oktoberfest at Ober - Gatlinburg

Oktoberfest at Ober is an annual event that takes place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and runs from late September to early November. The event features live music, Bavarian-style food, dancing, and traditional German games and activities. Visitors can enjoy the stunning fall foliage of the Smoky Mountains while celebrating Oktoberfest.

The festival takes place at Ober Gatlinburg, a ski resort and amusement park. The resort is transformed into a Bavarian village, complete with traditional German music and decorations. Visitors can enjoy traditional German cuisine, such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, and apple strudel. There are also a variety of German beers on tap, including Warsteiner, Spaten, and Paulaner.

Oktoberfest at Ober - Gatlinburg, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


Oaklands Mansion Oktoberfest

Oaklands Mansion, located in Murfreesboro, hosts an annual Oktoberfest celebration every fall. This event features live German music, food, beer, and games. Attendees can enjoy a variety of German beers and delicious traditional foods such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels.

Children can participate in games and activities, including a bounce house and face painting. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the historic Oaklands Mansion, which is over 150 years old and filled with antiques and artifacts.

Oaklands Mansion Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


High Cotton Oktoberfest

The annual Oktoberfest celebration at High Cotton Brewery, nestled in Memphis, Tennessee, is a festive occasion for beer enthusiasts and families alike. This fall extravaganza offers a variety of craft beers, traditional German treats such as bratwurst, and ambiance loaded with music and games. Visitors can also tour the brewery to have a firsthand experience with the facility and brewing process.

Your entire family can enjoy the event, with kid-friendly activities such as face painting and games. Experience hoe-down sessions, revel in the taste of German food and beer, or simply bask in liveliness that permeates the event. There's something to satisfy everyone's craving for fun!

High Cotton Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA


Chattanooga Oktoberfest

Chattanooga Oktoberfest is an annual celebration held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which features authentic German beer, food, music, and entertainment. This festival is inspired by the traditional Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, and attracts visitors from all over the region.

During the festival, attendees can enjoy a wide variety of German beers, from traditional lagers to seasonal brews. Food options include bratwurst, sauerkraut, schnitzel, and other German specialties, as well as American fare for those who prefer it.

Chattanooga Oktoberfest has a variety of entertainment options, including live music, dancing, and games, in addition to the food and beer. The stein-holding competition, the chicken dance, and other celebratory events are open to visitors.

The historic Chattanooga Choo Choo complex, home to distinctive stores, eateries, and activities, is the setting for the event. The location is easily reachable by vehicle or public transit, and there is plenty of parking.

Family-friendly Chattanooga Oktoberfest caters to everyone, from beer connoisseurs to groups with young children. It's no surprise that this festival has become a well-known fall tradition in Tennessee, given its lively environment, delectable food and drink, and thrilling entertainment selections.

Chattanooga Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest Tennessee, USA



Experience the joy of Oktoberfest celebrations in Tennessee, with events happening all across the state, including Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and many more. 

Enjoy lively music, entertainment, traditional German delicacies, and beverages as you revel in the festive German heritage and immerse yourself in the culture. Don't miss out on this chance to savor the best of Oktoberfest in Tennessee!


Win A 5-Day Trip To Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest

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