What is German Traditional Oktoberfest Food

What is German Traditional Oktoberfest Food

The Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest in the world. Every year at the fest, millions of people descend upon Munich to partake in the epic multiple-week party. Among the rides, beer tents, and countless vendors, everyone wants to know what kind of food is at Oktoberfest. So what is German traditional Oktober food? There are definitely staples of German cuisine and Oktoberfest specialties that help create the most fulfilling Wiesn experience possible. Knowing what food is at Oktoberfest will make your decision much easier.

Oktoberfest Food Ideas

Oktoberfest food ideas are vast. So what food is at Oktoberfest ? One of the best traditional Bavarian foods to try while at the fest is Weisswurst. However, do not eat this “white sausage” afternoon and pair it with special brown mustard and pretzel. Be sure to peel back the casing before you eat. Do not be afraid to go at it with your hands as that is the traditional way to eat it.

For those still wondering what is traditional Oktoberfest food, there is another must-have sausage. It is Currywurst. This aptly named dish features a sausage covered in curry sauce and is usually served with a side of fries. It is not from the Munich area or as steeped in tradition as Weisswurst. However, it is a definite crowd pleaser and great almost anytime from lunch to dinner.

If you are looking for something other than sausage to eat, Fishbroetchen is in abundance at Wiesn. Filled with varying types of, usually smoked, fish, these rolls can be found quite easily. People often serve them simply with the fish and some onion on a roll. Every stand does it differently so be sure to find one that looks appetizing to you and dig in. It is one of the German Oktoberfest foods that are super unique.

Food pairing with Oktoberfest beer

If you are in the mood for more of a meal, you should look into food pairing with Oktoberfest beer. Look no further than Schweinhaxe. This roasted pork knuckle dish is has crispy skin and is sure to warm your soul. It pairs great with a beer for a sit-down meal in one of the beer tents at the fest. Often it is covered in brown gravy alongside a knoedel, a type of dumpling. This meal is sure to fill you up and keep the party going all night long.

Another great meal for those looking to fill up is Hendl. This no-frills dish is simply a roasted half-chicken. The simplicity of this dish provides unique flavor, and they become a continuous sight for beer tent dwellers. In fact, every Oktoberfest sees hundreds of thousands of Hendl sold. This food pairs with beer within the tents to stave off hunger and allows you to keep having fun.

Oktobefest Pretzel

A main staple of the fest is, of course, the Oktoberfest pretzel. It is not only a sideshow to other meals, like Weisswurst. You can find giant pretzels that peotle prefer to enjoy by themselves. Usually is has a side of mustard, or with cheese or butter inside of them. Smaller pretzel is the most popular Oktoberfest party food if you are just looking to pick up a quick snack. Some people even wear a Pretzel Necklace.


Regardless of your choice, all Oktoberfest food is delicious and worth trying. The most important thing is to make sure you enjoy yourself. To this end, there is no better way to enjoy whatever meal you decide to try than by wearing a nice traditional pair of Lederhosen. So if you are planning on making an appearance at Wiesn and eating your heart out, I recommend heading over to Bavaria Trachten. Pick up a pair of beautiful traditional Lederhosen and look as good as you feel on your food journey.

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